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To get a list of sites for placement, leave a request. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data: domain, niche, contact information!

Get guest anchor links for your site


$ 40

  • Anchor Article Link
  • Accommodation for the whole term
  • Article writing: free
  • Gray Themes 60 $


$ 50

  • Rental banner link
  • Accommodation for 1 year
  • Renewal 25 $ / year
  • Link picture from the main page
  • Gray themes $80 / year


$ 50

  • Banner / Text Link
  • Accommodation for 1 year
  • Renewal 25 $ / year
  • Link from sidebar
  • Gray themes 80 $ / year

The maximum number of links from one site is limited. Links are placed only on thematic sites.


different topics


years of work


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Guest anchor links from news sites

We place anchor links in articles on a permanent basis and links from the main page for a period of one year with the possibility of renewing them for the next year. All of our donors have traffic and are ranked in search engines, have a good DR by Ahrefs. Maximum number of links from one site: 20 links.

We offer you three options for placing links: links in thematic articles (writing an article is included in the cost of the service), links from the main page, links from the sidebar (the link is placed in the banner, write the keyword in the alt).

All links are posted on thematic resources, links from the main page are affixed for a period of one year, so the number of outgoing links remains fixed, donors are not spammed, and the presence of unwanted neighbors is excluded. Special link donors are created for gray topics. You do not need to pump links at the second level, since we are constantly working to increase the link mass of donors and the weight of your link will only grow.


We put only 20 outbound links from 1 site to keep the donor trust

1 year

We put links from the main page for 1 year with the possibility of renewal

DR 30+

All our donors have a high Ahrefs rating and natural link mass


We carry out all the work on the preparation of content: we write articles and create banners

How the service works

Watch a short video about the work of the service

When placing an order, you will receive an email with a list of resources on which we post anchor links. You need to select donors, as well as provide a list of anchors and pages to which you want to put links.

We will analyze your order for compliance with the theme, check if there are free slots on the selected resources and issue an invoice for payment. After paying for the service, we will prepare a relevant article for placing a link, or prepare a banner. The term for placing the link is 1 week after payment of the order.

After placing the link, you will receive a report on the completion of the order. The link placement period is 1 year. After this period, we will send you a letter about our readiness to extend the link for one more year. If the link is not paid within 1 week, we will be forced to remove the link. After paying for the order, we can leave the current link, or change the page or anchor link.

Need a consultation?

How to order links:

Leave a request

Determine how many links and anchors you need to promote your site and leave a request on the site. You will receive a letter by mail with a questionnaire and details.

Fill out the site form

Fill in all the information about the site, indicate the anchors and sites that you have chosen to increase the effect of the links (the questionnaire will be sent to the mail when placing an order). Select a payment method and pay for the order.

Get the report

When all the links are provided, you will receive a notification by mail about the completion of your order with a report and an indication of all the links that have been provided.

Where do we get link donors?

We post anchor article links on trust information sites. Some sites are owned by us personally, some sites are owned by our partners. Naturally, we cannot show the entire base of links, here is a link to the document where part of the information sites is given:

Why anchor links are important:


Choosing an anchor

We post an anchor link, with any one you need an anchor for promotion, organically placing it in an article on the site.

Page relevance

We create a relevant article for your anchors so that the link is as natural as possible for search engines.

Websites visited

We place links on sites with keywords, positions and traffic that real users visit.

Top Level Domains

We place links on top-level domains (GTLD): com, net, org. Such links are suitable for any region.


On the sites where we post links, English is used, which allows us to choose a donor for many countries.

Links from the main

The most effective link building method allows you to get links from the donor's home page. Such links convey the maximum weight.

How to pay for links:

Card payment

We accept payments to a Monobank card (payment from a card of any bank)

Bank account

Payment to a current account in Ukraine (payment in UAH only from an account of a legal entity or SPD)

To Payoneer

Pay to Payoneer in USD (you must have a Payoneer account)

Answers to popular questions:

Can I change the anchor of the link after posting?

Yes, it is possible, but not more than 2 times a year.

How do I check if the links are working?

Links, like everything else in SEO, need to be tested. You can buy several links for a trial, if you are satisfied with the result, then make a larger order.

I want more links, will you have new donors?

Yes, we are working on expanding the link base, so send your wishes on the subject of the sites to us by mail.

I want to buy a perpetual link, is it possible?

No, we want all our donors to constantly grow and receive traffic. If the site constantly sells links, then over time it starts to stagnate and fall.

What happens if I don't renew the link?

We will send you a renewal link notification. If the link is not paid within 1 week, we will remove the link.

Can I request a refund if I don't like something?

No, the service is provided “as is”, so carefully study the rates and the result that you will receive after providing this service.